Actress and Hairdresser Took $3 Million From Malibu Doctor, Prosecutors Say

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Terrece Lynn, who represents Ms. Moore at the Wayne Agency, said by phone on Thursday that she had been shocked to learn about the case. Ms. Lynn said that she had last heard from Ms. Moore on Tuesday, when she had told her by email that she was unable to work because of a “family emergency.”

“Nothing she’s ever done or indicated would set off any bells or whistles at all,” Ms. Lynn said.

The court filings paint a picture of brazen behavior by the pair over the period of several months in which they are said to have conned the vulnerable physician, plying him with marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms and LSD, as well as scheduling weekly infusions of ketamine, an anesthetic that is used to relieve depression, and hours of massages to subdue and distract him.

The ploy began on June 23, 2017, after they met the man at an ice cream shop in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice, according to prosecutors. Shortly thereafter, the three of them went on a road trip through Northern California in the victim’s Tesla, they said.

A week later, Mr. Flores texted the man: “Our desire is to add ease and flow to your life and be of great service. Sincerely, your new friends: Anton&Anna.” Prosecutors said the two had moved into his house, rent free, that same day.

In the months that followed, Mr. Flores and Ms. Moore drained the man of some of his riches, according to prosecutors, eventually transferring more than $3 million to themselves, and attempting to take over $20 million more.

The pair used the money to fund their lifestyle, buying luxury items and hiring a staff of more than a dozen to work on their business ventures, according to court documents. They also isolated the doctor from his family. At one point, Mr. Flores convinced the doctor’s family that he was missing and that they needed $4,687.72 for their expenses and the time spent looking for him, prosecutors said.

In September 2017, the physician suffered “a severe mental breakdown,” the Justice Department said, and was arrested and detained in a Los Angeles County jail, after which Mr. Flores to persuaded the doctor to give him and Ms. Moore power of attorney, allowing them to take control of his finances.

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